Anderson Parks

Beech Acres Park: Parking

Four lots exist within Beech Acres Park. The ATPD recommends viewing the park map to determine which parking lot to use based on the purpose for your visit. Please obey the 10 m.p.h. speed limit for everyone’s safety!

The east lots were created through a partnership in 1999 with neighboring Parkside Church. Because both the church and the park required additional parking than what was available at the time, the Park District and the church agreed to build a shared lot that would be used by church goers on Sunday mornings and used by park goers during all other times.  For the main lot, the park district provided the land; Parkside Church covered the costs of construction. The partnership for the lot expansion worked in a similar manner: the park district provided the land and approximately one-third of the construction costs; Parkside Church once again covered the remaining costs of construction. The ATPD greatly appreciates this generous contribution from Parkside Church to the residents of Anderson Township. This partnership is a terrific demonstration of wise use of both organizations’ limited resources.