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W. M. Johnson Hills Park Open House (rev. 4/9/15)
Anderson Township Park District is hosting an informational Open House at Johnson Hills Park, 7950 Bridle Road, on Saturday, April 25, 2015 from 9-11 am. The purpose of the open house is to present Phase I of the park improvements plan... more info

Site Plan Status
(rev. 4/14/2015)

This 139-acre park was acquired in partnership with the Hamilton County Park District in 2000 with the primary goal being to preserve this gem until development funds can be secured.

Currently, Johnson Hills Park consists of rolling hills is open to the public from dawn to dusk, with limited parking. The natural-surface hiking trails are marked; please stay on the trails. Dogs must be held on a leash; please use the provided “mutt mitts”. A public, portable restroom is available near the main parking lot.

Use of a metal detector is not permitted in Johnson Hills Park.

Use of the fire ring and/or camping requires a permit (click here for the request form). Camping is available for Anderson Resident based Scout Troops only.

7950 Bridle Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45244

139.0 acres

Opening Date
Johnson Hills Park was opened to the public in September, 2007.

William McNeilan Johnson Hills Park (Johnson Park) became part of the Anderson Township Park District in June of 2000.  The acquisition of this property was made possible by a variety of means: a generous donation from Marian Johnson (the previous owner of the property), a partnership with the Hamilton County Park District, and the sale of bonds by the ATPD to secure the remaining funding.  

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This 139 acres currently consists of rolling hills and wooded terrain. The community is fortunate to have this land secured as a park for future generations! One unique aspect of Johnson Park is the past residence of William McNeilan Johnson and his wife Marian B. Johnson.  This beautiful historic home has a myriad of possible uses. 

Future Development
Site Plan Status